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Vasthu Sastra – Traditional Indian Architecture Company
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Change Your Luck And Improve Your Love & Future By Consulting A Caring & Professional Astrologer, Who Truly Understand Your Needs.

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You Have A Great Career Ahead But You Are Stuck At The Place & Position From Where The Great Career Is Not Within Sight Vaastu In Work Place Can Change The Face Of Your Career Your Work Place Must Attract Good Fortune For You. Vaastu Helps In Creating Positive Forces At You Work Place.


As We Know There Are 12 Zodiac Signs In Astrology Which Are Ruled By Seven Planets And 27 Nakshatras. An Individual’S Personality Can Be Understood By Exploring Their Moon Sign As Well As It Reflects Their Inner Self And Instincts.

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There Are 78 Tarot Cards Divided Into Two Main Groups: 22 Major Arcana Numbered 0 To 21 And 56 Minor Arcana Divided Into 4 Suits. The Tarot Cards Will Provide Interesting Insights But If You Want To Astonish Your Sitter With Your Accuracy Use Clairvoyant.

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Film stars, cricketers, politicians, industrialists & even common man have been benefited by his in-depth knowledge of astrology, palmistry & face-reading. Stay in touch for latest in Astrology

Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage
(Tamil Nadu Chapter)


Master Yuvaraj Sowma started his career in the year of 1995. He is the first hereditary Vasthu expert in the world to produce a CDROM and VCD on the 5000-year-old ancient science on architecture and construction at the year of 1999. He has travelled many Countries, attended many conferences on Vasthu Sastra and delivered lectures on the subject in Countries like the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia besides India. He has provided private Consultations to over 10,000 residential and commercial properties.