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Master Yuvaraj Sowma visiting Malaysia on 1st to 3rd April 2017, for appointment call h/p 0123299713 & 0125228464

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Master Yuvaraj Sowma

Is the first hereditary Vasthu expert in the world to produce a CDROM and VCD on the 5000-year-old ancient science on architecture and construction. He has traveled many Countries, attended many conferences on Vasthu Sastra and delivered lectures on the subject in Countries like the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Duai, Malaysia and Singapore, besides India. He has provided private Consultations to over 15000 residential and commercial properties.

He was a delegate at the 4th International Feng Shui Conference in Florida in 2001 and a speaker at the Body, Mind and Soul Seminar in Perth in 2002. He has also taken part in Radio and Television talks in the BBC and Malaysia.

Vasthu Sastra

Online Course

Complete Knowledge of Vasthu.

More and more people are learning the wonderful art of building harmonious homes. Today construction engineers who do not possess this ancient knowledge are looked down upon. The house that has been constructed in the wrong way loses its value and cannot be sold that easily when compared to a home that has been built as per Vasthu.

There are few experts on the subject. Learn from the Master.

students from India taking this course through online, materials will be sent by courier. For overseas students study materials will send by online by pdf format. Clarifications and examination will be conducted by online.

Fees Structures follows,

Indias Students,

Level 1: Vasthu for residential
   For Indian students the course fee is Rs. 10,000/-

Level : Vasthu for ommercial

For Indian students the course fee is Rs.7,500/-


For overseas Students,

Level 1: Vasthu for residential
course fee is US$300

Level 2: Vasthu for commercial

course fee is US$200

Exam & Certificate

For students taking the course through onlinel study, Clarifications and examination will be conducted by online and certificate will be awarded by the Master.


For more details

Contact :

Master Yuvaraj Sowma
               No.5, L.B.Road,
               Adyar, Chennai, Tamilnadu
               India. pincode – 600 020
               Phone: 044-24915223
               Mob : 9840024470
               Email : masteryuvaraj@gmail.com

  • Vasthu DEITY
  • The Posture of Vasthu Deity
  • Deity of the Plot (Vasthu) to be kept awake
  • Directions faced by Vasthu
  • Vasthu Pooja
  • Deities of the Earth
  • Presages for Laying the Foundation
  • Good Auguries for Laying the Foundation
  • Good and Bad Omens for Laying the foundation
  • Laying the Foundation
  • Favorable months for Laying the Foundation
  • Laying the Foundation : Favorable Dates and Timings
  • Laying the Foundation and House Warming Functions
  • House Warming Function
  • Ideal Directions for Occupancy
  • Ideal Home with a Single Main Door Way
  • Erection of Main Door Way
  • Facing the Main Door Way
  • Defective main door way
  • Two Main Door Ways
  • A Sounding Main Door
  • Characteristics of a Door Frame
  • Location of a Well
  • Digging up the Well
  • Treatment for the Well
  • Closing up of a well
  • Common Well
  • Qualities of an Old House
  • Incantations to Invoke the Protection
    of the Regents of the Cardinal Points
  • Installation of Conch-Shell
  • Role of Destiny
  • Temples in the Vicinity of a House. House facing a lane/Street
  • House Annexing a Temple
  • Tanks near a House
  • Vitality of a House
  • Defective House
  • Choice among two houses
  • Termites - Remedy
  • Rising of an Ant Hill
  • Effects of Echoes
  • Evil Eye-Blighting by the Glance of an Evil Eye
  • Elevation of a House or a temple
  • Why the house should be well elevated
  • Annexing Vacant Plots
  • Cracked Walls
  • Locations of Planets in a House
  • Growing Plants, Trees and Creepers in the Periphery of a House
  • To fell in a Worshipping Tree
  • Wood Suitable and Unsuitable for Building purposes
  • Pillars
  • Characteristics of a Stairway
  • Dimensions of a Plot, Hall, Rooms etc.
  • Interpretation of 25 points of Agreement
  • Your Queries answered
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