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Andhra Pradesh Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu selected

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Andhra Pradesh Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu selected

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Thullur for Vasthu impact in CRDA?

While the AP CM and all TDP leaders keep blaming KCR for his Vasthu sentiments. It is rather interesting to note that Chandrababu Naidu chose the present location for capital region for the same reason-Vasthu sentiments only. Of the 29 villages in the CRDA jurisdiction, almost eight are on the water front of the Krishna river.

It also has water front bungalows of prominent leaders like BJP MP from Narasapuram – Gokaraju Ganga Raju, industrialists and also top guns of the TDP, Congress, some CPI and the YSRC. All of them have bungalows facing the Krishna river and the water touching their feet.

It is said that the Capital will be spread between the historic and Buddhist relics of Undavalli Hillocks and caves, Amaravati Buddhist stupas on the south, Historic temples of Mangalagiri etc on the east and Krishna uplands. According to Vasthu consultants of Chandrababu family (Bhuwaneswari ) particularly the capital city should have a water front and be nestled between uplands and hillocks.

“The scenario is just like the Mohenjo Daro landscape and hence the capital will last like the Indus valley civilization,”

says the expert. The Vasthu experts who were taken to the spot before the Government and Chandrababu decision had also performed certain rituals in the water fronts and the uplands. They had assessed the impact of the five elements – water, fire, air, etc in the region, says Subramanya shastry , a Vasthu adviser to TDP leaders.


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