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Application and effectiveness of Vasthu Sastra

Choosing a Vasthu friendly house is vital so that the occupants can enjoy health, wealth, peace, bliss and happiness.

VASTHU Sastra can be observed by anyone.

The best time to practice it is when purchasing, designing, renovating, leasing or building a property. If a dweller is already facing problems, benefits could be noticed almost immediately if the placement of things are followed close to 100%.

Otherwise, one can see or experience the benefits of Vasthu Sastra within several days or weeks. Some have enjoyed changes immediately or within 24 hours.

It all depends on the degree on e wants to observe Vasthu Sastra recommendations. If a dweller observes it strictly, he or she should experience positive result within hours.

It is also encouraged that if a dweller is following Vasthu Sastra rules in a house, the same should also be observed in the work place so that the energies in both the structures are in tune with the individual.

Vasthu Sastra principles are based on energy flow and the distribution of elements; these factors are uniform throughout the world.

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