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Did open university VC swap office with registrar over vasthu?

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MYSURU: The decision of the Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) Vice Chancellor (VC) D Shivalingaiah to swap his office chamber with the registrar (administration) K B Chandrasekar has now led to a massive controversy in the university. It has been alleged that the VC has swapped his chamber assuming it is not vasthu compliance which is the reason for ongoing crisis in the institute. VC D Shivalingaiah denied the allegations.

According to the university sources, on November 6, the vice chancellor moved out of his original chamber to the chamber of registrar (administration). No official reason has been attributed for this sudden change in the chambers of both top authorities of the universities.This has resulted in the controversy.

Talking to TOI, an university staff confirmed that the chambers of both the authorities have been swapped and VC is now working from registrar’s chamber. “It took two days (November 6 and 7) for the staff to shift all the files from the VC’s chamber. We were not informed about the sudden move,” informed a staff who wished to be anonymous.

“Registrar’s chamber is small as compared to VC’s chamber. For the first time in the recent years, we have seen this kind of shifting,” he added.

“There is a buzz that few had suggested the university authorities to change the VC’s chamber as a solution to the ongoing crisis in the university. Changing the office of the VC is not an issue. But he should have clarified the reason behind this move. Now this has led to an unwanted controversy,” he concluded.

Speaking to The Times of India, K S Shivaramu, one of the members of the Board of Management (BoM) of the university said that he will seek information from the VC in this regard. “I don’t know why VC’s office has been changed. If it is due to vasthu, definitely it is wrong. Institutes of higher learning which supposed to inculcate scientific thoughts among the people,” he said.

Meanwhile, (KSOU) VC D Shivalingaiah has denied the allegation that he changed his chamber for the sake of vasthu. He said that Vasthu means something should be altered either by breaking the walls or constructing anything. “But I just changed my room. Ventilator was not proper in my room. So, I changed the room,” he said.

Courtesy: Times of India

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