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Dining room

A family that eats together stays together, as the saying goes, and indeed the dining room is another important place in Vasthu Sastra.

This is the place where the family members get together to have their meals so is is vital that the position and atmosphere are conducive.

The best location for the dining room is in the west if the kitchen is located in the north-west sector of the house.

If the kitchen is in the south-east sector, the dining hall should be located in the east.

The north-west and the south-east are the only two sectors where a kitchen can be located in a house and the dining rooms should follow accordingly. Also the head of the family should face south while eating. One should never face north when eating.

To enhance the appetite of the family, it is encouraged to have pictures of fruits on the wall or fresh fruits placed on the dining table as it improves the intake of food. One should avoid using the dining table for studying, or as a home office worktop or for other purposes as it would not give the desired results.

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