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Vasthu Sastra and Feng Shui

What is the difference between Vasthu Sastra and Feng Shui?
THIS is a question many people ask when Indian Feng Shui is mentioned. Both sciences, to a great extent, share similarities and are based on centuries of observations of nature and the surroundings, and how they affect people and other living and even non-living things. Both aim at contributing harmony, prosperity, health and happiness although there may be a few differences and contradictions in the way both are observed or practised.

Vasthu Sastra is based on the energy flow among the nine planets and Feng Shui sees the planetary forces as the determining factors in the distribution of energy.

The five basic elements in Feng Shui are described as metal, wood, water, fire and earth while Vasthu Sastra considers wood and metal as part of earth and includes the additional elements of ether and air. Both view the elements not as physical things but symbolising the cosmic energy.

The yin (darkness) and yang (brightness) are considered as the two kinds of energy in Feng Shui which tells about alignment with the earth's geomagnetism.

North, in Vasthu Sastra, is indicated by a magnetic compass. Before the compass was invented, north was determined by using methods based on the position of the sun.

some of the salient features of Vasthu Sastra and Feng Shui are as below. Vasthu Sastra does not recommend the rearing of fish (in an aquarium or pond) while Feng Shui allows it. In Vasthu Sastra, it is sinful and inauspicious to have animals like rabbits, birds and hamsters caged in a house.

In Vasthu Sastra, it is sinful and inauspicious to have animals like rabbits, birds and hamsters caged in a house.

Vasthu Sastra defects cannot be corrected simply by placing a mirror, plants, hanging a picture and other tools but recommends the moving of things within the property to their correct direction and location. Vasthu Sastra can be practiced without demolishing or renovating your walls.

For example, if your master bedroom is located in the north-east and your study room or children's or maid's bedroom is in the south-west, all you need to do is to move to the smaller room in the south-west and you should experience immediate effects.

This is because the south-west quadrant is meant for the breadwinner or master of the house and this must not be compromised. If this is not corrected, you will find the person sleeping in the southwest location controlling the house. (In the case of your maid or children, they will not listen to you.)

You can also arrange things in every room of your house according to Vasthu Sastra recommendations to harness the best results. If the horoscope of an occupant of a house is favourable, the Vasthu Sastra defects will not be felt immediately but when the good times fade away, the effects would hurt the financial position, health and happiness of the breadwinner in particular.

As to which one of the sciences to follow, my advice is try both and find out which one works for you better or observe Vasthu Sastra and Feng Shui by incorporating both practices.

Similarities and differences between Feng Shui and Vasthu sastra.

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