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IIT-Kharagpur to Introduce Vastu Sastra For Undergraduate Architecture Students

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IIT-Kharagpur to Introduce Vastu Sastra For Undergraduate Architecture Students

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Kolkata: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, is going to introduce elements of Vastu Sastra for undergraduate architecture students from the next academic session in 2017-18.

Speaking to News18, Shreyoshi Ghosh, ID Executive (Media & Communication), IIT-Kharagpur, said, “The elements of Vastu Sastra will be introduced from the next academic secession for UG architecture students. For Post Graduate architecture students, Vastu Sastra is already there but now it will be broader and for research.”

She said that besides that, IIT-Kharagpur is also going to hold seminars “on science behind Vastu Sastra” in all colleges and universities across the country to enlighten the young minds.

Professor of Architecture and Regional Planning at IIT-Kharagpur, Joy Sen, said, “The basic principal of the Vastu Purusha Mandala (part of Vastu Sastra and constitutes the mathematical and diagrammatic basis for creating design) is so powerful that it directly linked to science. The entire Vedic structure of vastu based on fundamental iconography and transcendence is so scientific and can be proved by quantum physics there is no question of not following it or looking at it skeptically.”

“Elements of Vastu Sastra will help our architecture students in future. Vastu Sastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture. Considering the complexities that a non-vastu complaint place are incurring, we at IIT-Kharagpur feels that at present time, it could come to our rescue with its principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparations, space arrangement and spatial geometry,” he said.

Claiming that vastu could help us in leading a healthy and happy life, having a good career and good education, Sen said, “Earlier the households would have has a courtyard in the middle. And they had a bedroom for summer and one for winter, all that followed the principal of nature. Vastu is based on the solar principal and endorses our ecology – our floras and faunas. And eco system, nature, movement of sun throughout the year and the kind of effect it has on earth are all proven in science. Our forefathers have documented those principals and have created the Vastu Sastra.”

He said, “We have already conducted one seminar at IIT-BHU and would be conducting many more such seminars in campuses all over the country. We should explain our present generation how our ancient wisdom can help them to lead a healthy life and have a good career.”

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