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One of the purest forms of rectification in Vasthu Sastra is the placement of Yantras (Mystical diagrams) in the eight cardinal compass directions of a property.  It is a powerful product used in Vasthu correction of a negative environment, and proper placement of the diagrams has been found to provide a cure for the negativity that afflicts the property. 

The Yantras are divided according to the five elements – earth, air, fire, water and ether – and are available in gold, silver or copper.  Each Yantra has a different purpose and is either buried or hung on the walls in the eight sectors of a property.  

They are used for a dweller seeking contentment, comforts, education, success and love.  They remove restlessness, and avert failure and troubles.  They bestow wisdom and respect, create affection, and remove worries and bring success in the effort to seek spirituality in solitude.

The prayer items used in the Yantra placing ceremony. The Yantras are blessed with “Kumkum” prior to the ceremony.


The recommended use is on the land of a new property (residential or commercial) for a building that is unable to have the things arranged according to Vasthu rules.

 Yantras should be placed before the building is constructed and it should be done by a qualified Vasthu expert.  It involves a prayer ceremony to nullify negative effects in the ground and renew the gravitational power of the earth.

 Just as a mantra is a sound composition, a Yantra is a geometrical composition that raveals a particular energy configuration whose power increases in exact proportion to the abstraction and precision of the diagram.

Master Yuvaraj performing the rites before burying the Yantra

Used together with a mantra or seed sound syllables, each Yantra displays the patterns of force heard in the mantra.

The Yantra is a potent and dynamic sacred symbol.  The concentric lines of Yantras define their volume and create a rhythmic unity.  Yantras function as revelatory symbols of cosmic truths and as instructional charts of the spiritual aspects of human experience.  It is a psychic product of personal fulfillment.

Though a complex symbolic construction with multiple layers of metaphysical meaning, it also aids man to return to his original wholeness.

Once a dweller has performed this ceremony, the power of the Yantra buried in the particular plot can last for 60 years.

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