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Relationship of the five elements with the five senses

In order to enjoy the maximum benefits of Vasthu Sastra, a dweller must ensure that his or her five senses are in harmony with the five elements.

This is an important exercise, though many people do not understand the relevance of ether, air, fire, water and earth to human body.

To be in balance with ether, which is related to hearing, one should play soothing music when one wakes up in the morning. Devotional songs and instrumental tunes are recommended. Creaky doors and playing loud music are discourages, as they would disturb the peace . To enjoy the freshness of the air, which is related to touch, burring incense or uplifting scents to purify the air during sunrise and sunset is recommended.

Watching the sunrise and allowing the morning sun's rays to enter a property enhances the environmental harmony between fire and sight. Gazing at a candle flame also has a therapeutic effect on the dweller.

To be in harmony with water, which is related to taste, during adequate a mounts of water and place a bowl of water in the northeast sector of the property.

Earth is related to smell and many people do not have direct connection with earth for instance, when did you last walk barefooted on the ground?
Allowing your feet to touch the soil, walk on a grassy patch or the beach, helps to discharge and recharge your body with positive earth energies. Breathing the freshness of sunrise is recommended to get the element connected with our sense organ.

Only when dweller is in harmony with these natural forces will be occupant enjoy health, wealth, happiness and peace of mind. Failure to do so can bring misery and misfortune.

According to the theory of the five elements, they are present in every atom of the universe and they need to be present in abundance with the home to make it vibrant and filled with positive energy. A details study of fundamental Indian science states that the elements have an interactive influence on all dwellers of a house or building.

Our body comprises the same five elements in the form of the five senses. According to Vasthu Sastra, if a property is built according to the five elements, the internal energy currents in the bodies of those living there will be in tune with the universal energy, thus resulting in good health, wealth and happiness for those occupants.

Vasthu Sastra is the equivalent of architecture plus a result-oriented science to ensure harmony. An individual observing it is assured of wellbeing and positive energy flow.

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