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Vasthu Sastra for restaurant

Have you ever wondered why-all factors such as quality and location being equal –some restaurants attract a huge number of patrons while others can't attract a fly ? Vasthu Sastra could explain why.

A restaurant arranged according to Vasthu principles is likely to see a constant flow of customers.

A restaurant's main entrance should face north or east, auspicious directions for food-related businesses. In a north-facing restaurant, the cashier should sit in the north-west quadrant facing east. In a south or west-facing property, the cashier should occupy the south-west quadrant and face east .In an east-facing restaurant, the cashier should face north or face east.

Of course, the kitchen's location is every bit as important as the cashier'. Meals prepared in the correct location tend to taste better- and that, of course, would ensure a regular clientele.

The first choice for the kitchen is the north –west (air) quadrant with chefs facing north when cooking.

The second choice is the south –east (fire) quadrant with chefs facing east when cooking. If a sub kitchen for frying or preparing BBQ and tandoori dishes is required, its stove /grill / tandoori oven should be located in front of the premises in the south-east or north-west.

The following suggests ideal locations for several activities:

The ideal location for the display of sweets and cakes would be in the north-west. This quadrant will ensure desserts sell fast.

Groceries and foodstuffs should be stored in the south, west or south –west.

The toilets should be located in the south-east, south, west or north-west the wash basin in the east or north.

A bowl of water or fountain can be placed in the north-east quadrant, which is the water corner. Tables should be square or rectangular and a red or maroon table cloth is recommended.

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