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Master Yuvaraj Sowma visiting Malaysia on 1st to 3rd April 2017, for appointment call h/p 0123299713 & 0125228464

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Her Highness the Sultana of Johor Raja Zarith Sofia binti Sultan Idris Shah presenting her book titled On Common Ground to Dr T. Selva in Kuala Lumpur.   Actor Vikram sharing a light moment with Dr.T. Selva
Indian actor Shatrughan Sinha receiving a Vasthu Sastra Guide From Dr.T.Selva   Indian Actress Jyothika sharing a light moment with Dr.T. Selva
Living saint Amma sharing a light moment with Dr.T. Selva   LDr T. Selva receiving his Ph.D award from Human Resource Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam in Kuala Lumpur recently
Nepal vice-president Parmananda Jha presenting Dr T. Selva with the prestigious Vishwakarma Award in Kathmandu, Nepal   Dr T. Selva on Capital FM radio with radio host Xandria Ooi in Kuala Lumpur
T. Selva on Himalaya TV show with host Manisah Shrestha and Harihar Adhikari in Kathmandu, Nepal   Master Yuvaraj Sowma, Dr T Selva being interviewed by TV host Sudha on TV2 in Malaysia
Dr T. Selva presenting his bestseller book to TV host cum producer JoJo Struys in Kuala Lumpur   Dr.T. Selva posing a photograph with 14th Dalai Lama after learning Art of Happy Living under him in Dharamsala, India
Renowned spiritual guru from Jesus Call Prof Dr Paul Dhinakan with Dr.T.Selva   Toh Puan Ena Ling presenting a gift to Dr.T Selva after his Vasthu talk.
Her Royal Highness Sultanah of Pahang, Sultanah Kalsom receiving a book from Dr.T.Selva   MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu sharing ideas with Dr.T. Selva
TV2 host Jenny Malai with Dr.T. Selva and Pious Rozario on her talk show   Dr.T. Selva on NTV7 Breakfast show with Daphne Iking and Will Q
Dr.T. Selva being interview on cable news network in London   Dr.T. Selva on TRAXXfm radio show with DJ Jezza in Malaysia.
Dr.T. Selva being interviewed live on TV3's MHI show hosted by Ab   A radio channel in Australia interviewing Dr.T. Selva on a live
TV host Jojo Struys sharing Light Moment With Dr.T. Selva as her special guest.   Archbishop Tan Sri Murphy Nicholas Xavier Pakiam exchanging greetings with Dr.T. Selva
Astro host Sutha interviewing Dr.T.Selva on Vasthu Sastra in Kuala Lumpur   Dr.T. Selva being interviewd on BFM Radio by Lee Chwi Lynn in Kuala Lumpur
Dr.T. Selva with TV2 host Sindhu on a Vasthu Sastra show in Kuala Lumpur   Dr.T. Selva and Master Yuvaraj Sowma being interviewed
Dr.T. Selva stressing a point at a live show on TV3 in Malaysia   Dr.T. Selva providing free Vasthu Sastra consultation to his fans
Fans getting free Vasthu Sastra consultation from Dr.T. Selva   Dr.T. Selva appears on Astro's 360 degree programme in Malaysia every Monday
Dr.T. Selva with Master Yuvaraj and Astro producer Siva.   Dr.T.Selva Speech About Vasthu in An occasion
Dr.T.Selva Presentation About Vasthu To the Crowd   Master Yuvaraj Sowma launching Dr.T. Selva Vasthu Sastra Guide
Dr.T. Selva and Master Yuvaraj Sowma doing a joint Vasthu Sastra   Dr.T. Selva being interview by host Sheila on TV2
Dr.T. Selva presenting a talk on Vasthu Sastra at The Star Prop    
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