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Understanding the earth

In Physics, Earth is said to be a gigantic magnet and the north-south axis is suspended freely. The earth rotates on its own north-south axis which tilts at an angle of 23.8* from the magnetic North.

Rotation of the earth (the huge magnet) produces electro magnetic forces. It is vital that people living on it move in relationship with the forces. In ancient India, cities, towns, villages and all man –made structures were constructed to harness the power of these forces.

This is why people of those days had personal bio-energy systems which were conducive for high level of inner harmony and greater physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.

The flow of positive energy meandering from the north –east towards the south –east and the north-west corners before settling in the south-west.

To fully enjoy the benefits of the Vasthu Sastra recommendations, one should understand the flow of earth energies because they have subtle interactive influences on a human being. The Earth which is about 13,000km in diameter, is like a huge magnet with energy lines running from north to south, and from east to west along the path of the sun.

According to Vasthu Sastra, Earth's electromagnetic forces are constantly changing; these fluctuations have an impact on a human being's mind and body.

The Indian art of placement stresses that houses should be designed accordingly to maintain balance so that they vibrate in harmony with the cosmic forces.

The earth's axis tilts at an angle of 23.8* towards the north-east, which is one of the most auspicious sectors and directions in Vasthu Sastra.

Vasthu Sastra gives a lot of importance to the north-east because the rays from the morning sun touches the earth through this sector and this sector in any building is given great respect.

The beneficial energies received from the north-east meander towards the south –east and north-west corners before settling in the south-west sector.

They do not flow in a straight line. This is why Vasthu Sastra says that the south-west sector that stores the positive sun rays in any property should be the place for the master of the house so that the breadwinner can enjoy good health, wealth, happiness, harmony and prosperity . Openings like doors and windows in the south-west sector are disallowed because such exits will release the positive energy which should be in abundance on a property. The lack of such openings will also prevent negative energies from entering.

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