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Crystal Chakra

Chakra' is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. We have 7 master chakras or energy points running from our head to the base of our spine. Each chakra has a colour associated with it. If these subtle energies become blocked through emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, anger etc they can manifest as physical problems. By Looking at the crystals on these chakras allows us to cleanse, activate and align these subtle energies. The Seven Colour Chakra Layout is one of the ways crystals can be used to balance the chakras. When looking at the crystals associated with each chakra it is common for the colour of the crystal to be very similar to the colour of the chakra. Clicking on a chakra, in the picture below, will display a collection of crystals that can be used to balance that chakra.

Name of the product : Crystal Chakra
Made of : Crystal
Size : width 11.5cm, height 6.5cm
Price : $205.00