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Important Vasthu Sastra tips for new construction

1. Number of doors should be even numbers.
2. Number of windows should be even numbers.
3. Number of pillars should be even numbers.
4. Number of steps should be odd numbers.
5. Toilet seat facing either south or north
6. No windows at south-west corner.
7. Vacant spaces on the eastern and northern sides should be more than the other sectors.
8. Well, water tank, pond, swimming pool and fountain should be at north-east corner.
9. Septic tank or drainage outlet should be either in the south-east or north –west.
10. If kitchen is located in south –east, face towards east while cooking.
11. If kitchen is located in north-west, face towards north while cooking.
12. Start the construction of the house from the north-east and proceed clockwise.
13. Store all building materials in the south-west of the plot.
14. Master bedroom (south-west) flooring should be one to six inches higher compared to the flooring of other rooms.
15. No attic in north and east main walls.
16. The construction workers' cabin should be located in the north-west.
17. Shape of the building should be either square or rectangular.
18. Staircase should turn clockwise.
19. Rainwater from the roof should flow either on the northern side or eastern side.
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