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The North East sector is given a lot of important and respect because it is a spiritual quadrant. 

North East is cut Owner can meet with accidents and     mental instability. 

North East plot is curved Owner could encounter ailment related to the head.

Master bedroom is North East Blood deficiency and deformed babies. 

Kitchen in North East Female could meet with accidents, experience loss of elderly affection and have ailments to the ear, nose and throat. 

North East heavily loaded Owner could experience worries and meet with sudden accidents.

North East is higher than the rest of the floor  Children’s education can be disrupted and owner can have financial difficulties, ailments to the heart and blood.

Roof is higher in North East Male child may experience failures in examination. 

Bathroom and toilet in North East Owner will change jobs frequently, obstacles to promotions, disunity in family.

North East is extended It is considered to be auspicious and advantageous.

Garage in North East Owner will be down with ailments and children will be have a challenging time their studies. 

North East is extended It is considered to be auspicious and advantageous. 

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