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Master Yuvaraj Sowma visiting Malaysia on 1st to 3rd April 2017, for appointment call h/p 0123299713 & 0125228464

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If Lizard falls on the: -

1. Head Gossiping and creating misunderstandings
2. Hair Happiness and pleasures
3. Face Meeting the relations
4. Forehead Promotion and prosperity
5. Left Eye brow Trouble to male children
6. Nose Increase of Diseases
7. Upper lip Loss of things
8. Lowers lip Appreciation of wealth
9. Below the lower lip Punishment by king of Government
10. On Mouth Fear
11. Left ear Long life
12. Right ear Business
13. Throat Destruction of enemies
14. Right hand Sorrow
15. Left hand Sufferings
16. Right hand fingers Honour and reward from Government
17. Left hand fingers Difficulties
18. On the chest Appreciation of wealth and money
19. Back Destruction
20. On the penis Unlucky and poverty
21. Right back and left thigh Danger to fathers health
22. Right leg
Left leg Good signs, portend good auguries
23. Left toes Diseases
24. Right toes Loss of money
25. Running up body from foot to head any part upward movement Long life

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