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Vasthu Guide

Dr.T.Selva's best seller book takes an in depth look into Vasthu Sastra (Indian feng shui). This ancient Indian science of architecture which assures a dweller health, prosperity, happiness, love, bliss and peace of mind. This book is a fast guide on how to purchase or create a "home sweet home" in accordance to the 5,000-year-old science which can be applied in modern times.

When building living or working in a property, one has to be in tune with the universal energies around us so that we are in balance with the cosmic force.Vasthu is based on the arrangements and balancing of the five elements in their proper order and proportions. It can be practiced without tearing down walls or carrying out renovations as it is an art of the placement of things.

Vasthu is not magic, superstition, a religion or religions ritual, and does not work on a belief system. It is also not a question of faith but a fact of life. This book provides guidelines on how to select a property, harmonise a house, dos and don'ts when moving into a house, recommended colours for the walls and floors, case studies, ideal house floor plans and how to enchance family relationships and unity, improve business and have peace of mind by using Vasthu. Vasthu friendly floor plans for houses based on the eight compass directions are also included in this book.

Additional information on Ayurveda, Pyramid Science and Vedic Astrology is given as they are interconnected with Vasthu Sastra.

Price : USD 15.00


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