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The following table shows the various attributes due to the laying of the foundation in various months.  

Name of Month under
Indian System Western System Results
CHITHIRAI Mid April to
Mid May
Loss of property
Moderate fortune.
Mid June
All round success.
Happiness forever for the women folk Abundance of wealth
AANI Mid June to
Mid July
Children will fall sick often
Bereavements and sufferings Struggling upstream
AADI Mid July to
Mid August
Loss of Cattle and property.
Suffering & Poverty.
AAVANI Mid August to
Mid September
Very Lucky.Peaceful life with praising friends and relatives.
PURATTAASI Mid September to Mid October Diseases.
Gain adversaries
To swim upstream in life.
AIPPASI Mid October to
Mid November
Loss of gold and Property.
No peace of mind.
Lack of Cordiality in the Family
KAARTHGAI Mid November to Mid December
Addition of wealth.
Happy environment.
Prosperity and cheerful conte nance with friends and rela tives.
Augmentation of cattle and Vehicles.
MAARGAZHI Mid December to Mid January Fear Phobhia.
Growing of enmity.
Loss of Gold & property.
THAI Mid January to

Mid Febuary
Very Lucky.Peaceful life with praising friends and relatives.
MAASI Mid Febuary to
Mid March
Removal of all obstacles.
Bloom of prosperity.
Cordiality with friends and relatives.
Comfort of a royal life.



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