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1. Buy the property square or rectangular shape
2. Buy the property always higher level then road
3. Buy the property with plants and trees
4. Buy the property if the North-east corner is extend
5. Buy the property if the river or ponds are northern or eastern side
6. Buy the property if the hills or mountain are southern or western side
7. Buy the property if the front is narrow and the back side is wider
8. Buy the property from the richest people
9. Buy the property complete Vasthu analysis before buy.


1. Don’t buy the T-junction or Y-junction property
2. Don’t buy the property near to the temple or mask or church
3. Don’t buy the property near to the graveyard
4. Don’t buy the property from the bankrupts 
5. Don’t buy the property near to the marshy land
6. Don’t buy corner cut property
7. Don’t buy irregular shape properties
8. Don’t occupy the house before doing house warming
9. Don’t take the Vasthu advice from half knowledge people.

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