Frequently asked questions about Vasthu Sastra (Indian feng shui)

1. Q: What is Vasthu Sastra?

A: Vasthu Sastra is a 5,000-year-old Indian science of dwelling found in the Vedas, ancient Indian scriptures. Vasthu is based on the arrangements and balancing of the five elements – ether, air, fire, water and earth in their proper order and proportions. It focuses on the law of nature and flow of energy and anyone living in tune with the cosmic forces will enjoy beneficial energy flowing into their property.

2. Q: How can Vasthu benefit a dweller?

A: Anyone observing the principles of Vasthu Sastra in any enclosed space will be blessed with health, prosperity, happiness, joy, peace of mind and love. A dweller in harmony with the environment will enjoy a less stressful life.

3. Q: Is Vasthu Sastra associated with any religion or superstition?

A: Vasthu Sastra is a universal science and it can be observed in any part of the world. It is not magic, superstition or a religion, although some of its followers may consider it part of their religious rituals. It also does not work on a belief system and Vasthu is not a question of faith but a fact of life.

4. Q: Can it be followed without tearing down walls and renovations?

A: Yes, it can be observed without demolishment and renovations as it involves the art of placement of things in a property. It can be observed by just rearranging the house.

5. Q: How fast does it work or when a dweller can experience changes?

A: If the placements of things in a property are followed above 50% as per Vasthu, the dweller can see improvements in several weeks. There are people who have experience goodness within a few days. For this to happen, it all depends as to how many percent a dweller wants to follow the recommendations of Vasthu.

6.Q: How is the direction of a property determined in Vasthu Sastra?

A: The direction of a property should be determined by using a compass and never use sunrise to establish the direction. Once a dweller has fixed the direction, the quadrant of the elements are drawn for the placement of things in the proper proportions in a property

7.Q: Is the astrology of an individual considered in Vasthu Sastra analysis?

A:The astrology of an individual is only taken into consideration in Vasthu to determine the favourable direction of the property – that is, if the dweller is building a house on a fresh piece of land. Otherwise, his or her astrology is not incorporated because it would be difficult to find a ready-made house to match a property owner’s horoscope unless the dweller designs and build the house. Not matching the horoscope is not a major affliction to a dweller. The other areas where astrology is taken into consideration in Vasthu are when choosing an auspicious date for starting a new construction, performing a house-warming ceremony and moving into a property.

8.Q: What can a dweller experience if he or she does not observe Vasthu Sastra principles?

A:The defects in a non-complied Vasthu property will not affect a dweller when he or she is going through a favourable period in the individual’s astrology. However, during the inauspicious astrological period of the individual, the defects in the property will affect the breadwinner seriously. By following Vasthu recommendations, an individual can reduce stress, ease challenges, overcome problems and enjoy peace of mind.

9. Q: What is the difference between Vasthu Sastra and feng shui?

A: Both sciences, to a great extent, share similarities and are based on centuries of observations of nature and the surroundings and how they affect people and other living and even non-living things. Both aim at contributing harmony, prosperity, health and happiness although there may be a few differences and contradictions in the way both are observed. Vasthu is based on the energy flow among the nine planets and feng shui sees the planetary forces as the determining factors in the distribution of energy. The five basic elements in feng shui are described as metal, wood, water, fire and earth while Vasthu considers wood and metal as part of earth and includes the additional elements of ether and air. In Vasthu defects cannot be corrected simply by placing a mirror, plants, hanging a picture and other tools but recommends the moving things within the property to the correct direction and location.

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