Sleeping positions and directions

Sleeping positions and directions

A Dweller should avoid sleeping head towards the north and legs towards the south

Vasthu Sastra highlights sleep as an important aspect of good health. In order to enjoy sound sleep, one must have a bedroom with a peaceful environment.

Sleeping in the wrong direction can also cause health problems. Vasthu Sastra recommends that the head must be placed towards the east for undisturbed sleep. The second best sleeping direction is with the head towards the west, the third choice is south.

People who observe these directions will receive positive energy when they wake up. These positions will also enhance the person’s blood circulation.

The head should never be towards north while sleeping. Never sleep with the head towards the north because the magnetic field of the earth lies in a north-south direction energy levels can be thrown out of balance by this strong field. Sleeping in this direction may cause difficulties in having children, nightmare and disturbed sleep.

Our head is considered north and if we place our head towards north, the magnetic repulsion between similar poles occurs.

This position can also result in the dweller experiencing physically low or high blood pressure, insomnia or a high level of cholesterol. This can be prevented by rotating the head position to south. Vasthu Sastra recommends the right location or quadrant a couple should sleep in.

The south-west sector is the most powerful quadrant in Vasthu Sastra because it is the area where positive energy is stored. (For this reason, the extreme south-west corner must not have windows or doors; as such openings will release the energy that has gathered in the house).

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