Astrology 2017


Astrology 2017
By MASTER YUVARAJ SOWMA – Seventh Generation Astrologer

Seventh Generation Astrologer

MIXED fortunes are in store for 2017; there will be auspicious periods and testing times. The planet Saturn and Jupiter play a key role in the Indian almanac. From Jan 27, Saturn will transit to Sagittarius the astrological sign of Jupiter, resulting in both positive and negative influences.

Countries in the southern hemisphere – such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa – may experience financial setbacks and are at risk of calamities. However, these countries may see marginal improvements in all other aspects.

People staying in the northeast region of the globe will face internal problems.

Those involved in the textile and gold sectors will shine well. The appreciation for steel and oil will remain the same.

Don’t be disheartened if your forecast indicates a challenging period ahead.

You can avert the worst by performing prayers and spiritual activities, doing good deeds and performing acts of charity to mitigate negative planetary forces.

Recommended products that can be used to reduce the negative impact of planetary position in the respective stars.

  • Navaratna Mala to appease the planets
  • Pointed black onyx pendant for protection
  • Red Jasper for protection from enemies
  • Amethyst crystal pendant for health and protection
  • Rose Quartz to unify relationship
  • Blue eye pendant to ward casting of evil eyes
  • Pyramid for health and energy
  • Sudharshana Yantra for protection from negative forces
  • Sri Chakra for overall wellbeing
  • Vellarukku root pendant for education and protection

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Aries (Mesham)
Difficulties are part and parcel of life and you will face such situations at the start of the year. Hitches will ease off after September.
Career: There will be ups and downs in the first six months. You need to be strong because there will be improvements in all aspects after June.
Finance: You can explore new business ventures after September because luck will be on your side.
Relationships: Average results are expected in love and relationships; exercise constant care to avoid problems.
Health: Be cautious because your ruling planet Mars will influence you to be aggressive and you may be susceptible to traumas, injuries, cuts and wounds, and blood-related issues.

Taurus (Rishabam)
You may experience two different seasons: one may be hot, the other may be spring. Due to the unfavourable placement of Saturn, unwanted issues may arise. But thanks to the favourable placement of Jupiter, you will find instant remedies.
Career: Your career will reach new heights. Your seniors will be supportive and recognise your talents. Don’t be distracted by minor setbacks. Continue to focus on good efforts.
Finance: You have the wisdom and courage to make the best decisions in your professional life. Making friends with eminent people and being friendly with your seniors can be beneficial.
Relationships: The lucky planet Jupiter is in the fifth house of love. Romance will blossom and you may find true love.
Health: An unpredictable year for health; you will experience ups and downs. You are advised to take regular breaks and have enough rest to rejuvenate yourself.

Gemini (Mithunam)
You will find yourself focusing on building a profitable business partnership despite challenges here and there. Your earnings will come from more than one source.
Career: If you are looking for a change of job, 2017 will be your year. Everything will be under control, so stay calm and do not lose your cool.
Finance: You need to be patient because there will be some delays in financial matters although the end result will be favourable. If you want to make work-related changes, do it after September.
Relationships: March, April and December are crucial months in your love life. You will enjoy a great time with your partner in the month of June. If you are single, chances of a new romance are high.
Health: Your health and wellbeing will be satisfactory.

Cancer (Kataka)
You will see positive growth and development in all areas.
There could be chances for a change of living or business place.
Career: There will be some challenges but hard work and determination can conquer anything. Avoid making hasty decisions; think through everything carefully.
Finance: Money matters will improve. Your lucky period will be from February to August. Do not trust business partners without doing research and background checks.
Relationships: You will feel stressed out and restless due to a challenging love issue. However, this situation will ease up after August. If you are single and looking for love, there are high chances of marriage before yearend.
Health: Your immunity may be weak and you may be susceptible to diseases. Guard against allergies, inflammation, eye problems, respiratory disorders, and poor functioning of the lower abdomen.

Leo (Simha)
Unexpected gains and profits are indicated and your year will be filled with varied opportunities.
Career: You need to let go of contemplation and laziness to achieve success or your dreams will get nowhere. You can expect support from colleagues.
Finance: If you are involved in any business ventures, you will see improvements. January will be a favourable month to accept new offers. January to August will be the best period to make investments.
Relationships: If you are single, there is a high chance of getting married before August.
Health: You will be in good shape physically but you need to protect your emotional and mental well-being.

Virgo (Kanya)
You will be able to build a solid foundation, make some wise decisions and reap huge rewards. From
August onwards, you will see things speeding up.
Career: Gear up for a year filled with exciting social opportunities. Your communication skills will be strong throughout the year. Stay focused even under great pressure at work because your hard work will take you to a different level.
Finance: Opportunities to make money will be present, and your sincerity will catch the attention of seniors.
Relationships: You will enjoy good bonding with, and develop a better understanding of, your partner.
Health: If you fail to exercise and control your diet, you may become obese.

Libra (Thula)
Next year is going to be a very positive year for you after a difficult period.
Career: You can expect a promotion and enjoy some extra benefits in July. You may also get a chance to work overseas.
Finance: You need to control your expenditure or you may experience losses due to your erratic spending habits.
Relationships: There could be a major misunderstanding with your partner if you do not take care to be expressive and clear. Try to adjust and be accommodating to enjoy a harmonious relationship.
Health: You will enjoy average health and medical expenses will be reduced. Take extra care of your diet to stay fit.

Scorpio (Vrichika)
The worst is over starting in January.
However, you need to manage your expenses carefully.
Career: A change of job is highly likely before August. If you are facing any challenges at work, it will end in the second half of the year and your co-workers will be supportive.
Finance: Financial matters remain unchanged. Do not stand surety for others. Control your expenditure and try to cultivate the habit of saving.
Relationships: February will be a romantic month. You will be happy with developments in your love life. If you are single, you are likely to meet your life partner.
Health: You will enjoy good health. Be careful when you are driving.

Sagittarius (Dhanus)
Avoid any risky ventures because you are currently running the sevenand-a-half-year
Saturn period which will give you mixed results.
Career: A change of job is indicated; migration chances are high. Avoid arguments with your co-workers as you may face minor problems from January to August.
Finance: Watch your expenditure or you will end up spending more than you earn. Unexpected expenses will occur throughout the year and you should exercise control.
Relationships: Handle your partner with love and care because a misunderstanding can lead to a temporary separation. If you are in a relationship, postpone marriage plans to another year.
Health: Coughs, colds and fevers may occur frequently. Some may have to undergo a minor operation but there’s nothing to worry.

Capricorn (Makara)
There will be positive and negative results as a consequence of the placement of Jupiter and Saturn.
Career: The hard work you have put in all these years will come to fruition in 2017. Keep a check on your competitor because they can overtake you if you slow down.
Finance: Your income will be stable and a change in profession may take place later in the year.
Relationships: A good year for love and marriage. Those who are planning to get married will settle down later in the year.
Health: Some health issues will surface due to malefic planetary positions. If you are scheduled for an operation, do it before August.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
It is going to be an unstable period until October if you are in business because some unexpected troubles may surface.
Career: There are opportunities for enhancement. Be cautious from June to September because some disagreements may occur between you and your seniors at work.
Finance: A change in job or workplace will be beneficial. You are urged to do your research and background checks before proceeding. Income from a foreign source may present itself.
Relationships: Your love life may become complicated and misunderstandings may crop up in the month of April, August and December. Stay cool and steer clear of arguments during this difficult period.
Health: Your health will improve and your energy level will remain high. However, the months of April to August and December could be tricky for you. Watch what you eat.

Pisces (Meena)
You are likely to expand your business; the changes you make will be lucrative and positive. Your business will flourish, especially during the first half of the year. However, after September, you might face losses if you are not careful.
Career: On the work front, sound judgment is demanded or you may face hurdles.
Finance: A change of job is likely and this move will be a positive one for you. A rise in income is predicted. You are urged to pay attention to your expenses.
Relationships: You will make wise decisions in your relationships. You can expect an exciting time ahead.
Health: You will feel happy and healthy till September. Visit a doctor even for minor symptoms of any ailments.

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