Vasthu sastra for office

Vasthu Sastra for office

The Ancient science of construction that is Vasthu Sastra doesn’t just apply to a home. A place of business should also be in tune with the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth so that management and employees work in harmony to achieve success.

The managing director of the office should occupy the south-west quadrant and should face north while sitting at his desk. The flooring in the room should be 7cm to 15cm higher than the rest of the office. His or her table should be in the extreme south-west corner of the room, and it would be auspicious if the door to the room were in the north-east quadrant.

The managing direction of the office should occupy the SW quadrant and face north.

The second person in command, like a general manager or manager, should occupy the south and west quadrants. He or she should sit facing north while occupying a southern room and should face east in a western room . All other staff should sit facing east.

The finance manager should sit in the north quadrant facing north or east, as this will yield enhanced financial results.

Tables or counters should be designed in such a way that sales people face either east or north and the customers face west or south. The sales staff should occupy the north-west quadrant.

The administration and human resources departments should be in the east.

If the office has a prayer room, it should be located in the north-east and should be kept clean and free from weight.

Showcases, racks and cupboards should be against western and southern walls.

The reception should be placed in the north-west and the water cooler or dispenser should be placed in the north-east corner.

If the office has a pantry, it is highly recommended it be placed in the south-east quadrant. There must be no toilets or pantry in the north-east and south-west corners.

People in decision-making positions should avoid sitting under a beam as they may find it difficult to make the right decisions. Such beams can be concealed by false ceilings.

The centre of the office should be kept empty.

The reception are should be in the north-west.

Both a house and office should be in harmony to enjoy maximum peace, joy, prosperity, happiness, health and bliss.

Workspaces, too, should be harmonized as much as possible because many people spend the prime hours of the day at work.

Even if the space does not belong to you, you spend much time in it; neither is it simply a “temporary” space. Rushing through work and not respecting the environment can cause tension and hostility to the individual.

A Vasthu Sastra-friendly office can help foster a strong harmonious relationship between the occupant and his or her colleagues so the space should be treated with respect.

The shape of the plot where the office is located should be square or rectangular, if possible.

Buildings, too, should be the same as “cuts” and “voids” can distort the flow of positive energy.

A plot where the front is wider than the rear will attract more customers. But even before choosing the plot or building, it is vital to take into account the surroundings.

Avoid buildings at T-junctions and close to graveyards and temples. Taller buildings or flyovers should not overshadow the property.

A smaller building between two larger buildings is considered inauspicious, as the occupant will constantly feel suppressed. The building should be of equal height at all directions.

Never choose a shop with the entrance in the south-west, as it will invite trouble and financial problems.

As with a house, the main entrance of the commercial space should not be obstructed by power cable poles, trees or tall structures.

The reception area-which is important as it provides the customer with the first impression of the business-should be located in the north-east. The staff manning the counter should face the entry. Other favorable locations are east and north.

Waiting areas for customers should be in the north-west, Ideally, the reception area should be the lowest and it would be encouraging if a customer has to take three steps to the business or display area.

The conference room should be located in the east or west.

The boss should occupy the largest room in the south-west, and in should be away from the main entrance.

Mid-management and executives should occupy rooms (or cubicles) in the south or west.

Remove all clutters in an office as it obstructs subtle energy flow.

The accountant should be placed in the north, sales staff in the north-west, and technical staff in the south-east.

These locations are important for the staff because they are related to health and the state of mind.

A wrong location can result in staff feeling fatigued, stifled in the exchange of ideas and restless.

Unfavorable directions are south and south-west , which invite diseases and illness. The office should be properly lit and have adequate ventilation.

Natural lighting where possible is important because long exposure to fluorescent lighting can harm the natural balance of the human body.

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