Main door

Main Door

The main door of the house should be the biggest door in a property.

Vasthu Sastra gives importance to the front entrance or doorway of a house because this is where the positive energies and vibrations enter.

If there is a crack in the main door or doorframe, it is inauspicious as it will bring harmful effects to the breadwinner and his children, even resulting in the loss of property.

A new coat of paint can improve the flow of the energy and air into the house.

The main gate of a house is given paramount importance in Vasthu Sastra because it is the direction of entry into a property.

Out of the eight compass directions (north, south, east, west, north-east, south-east, north-west and south-west), the only location in which it is not good to have an entry is in the south-west of a plot.

Occupants living on such a plot will spend more than they earn, and will not have peace of mind.

Positive Energy

Front main door and back door should be in one line

To determine the correct placement of a main gate, measure the width of the plot and divide it into nine equal parts.

In a north facing plot, for example, measure the land from north-west to north-east, then divide the length into nine parts.

The main gate should be placed in the fourth and fifth parts. This is because each part is assigned to a planet and they can influence the occupant. The gate should not be higher than the compound wall.

Also, try to avoid having a garbage disposal unit in front of the house and avoid having any obstruction, like power or telephone posts, in front of the main gate. As for the correct placement of the main door of the house, measure the front width of the building and divide it into nine equal parts.

Count from the right (facing the building) and place the main door within the fourth and fifth parts. Also, having marshy land or a mangrove swamp across the main doorway of the house is considered unfavorable and can ruin the occupants. Doors that have cracks and dent should be replaced immediately as such marks will affect the reputation of the property’s breadwinner. The main door should be the biggest in the house and, generally, the height of the door should be twice the width.

The recommended size of the main door is about 1m (3.0 feet) in width and 2.1m (7feet) in height, and it should always open inwards towards the right.

Since the main objective of Vasthu Sastra is to maximize the energy inside the house, it is recommended not to have arched doors and windows as they distort the energy flow.

The back door should be positioned directly opposite the main door.

The house should have an even number of doors and Vasthu recommends there are more doors in the north and east than south and west.

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