Vasthu sastra for clinic

Vasthu Sastra for clinic and medical centers

Vasthu Sastra practitioners believe that,” the doctor treats the patient, but cosmic forces and the environment heal the patient”.

Premises like hospitals, medical centers, and clinics can be arranges according to Vasthu principles to enhance such healing.

The space in a clinic or hospital can harbour much negative energy from all the sick people who visit. So it is important that these premises are arranged to ward off negative energy and draw positive energy. There is a better chance that patients entering such Vasthu-friendly premises will feel a little calmer and more peaceful, and this, of course, will aid the healing process.

A clinic’s main entrance should be in the north-east, east or north. This will allow patients to seek consultation without fear and uncertainty. Other choices for the entrance are south-east, south or west.

The waiting area should be in the north-east or north ensure patients will not feel agitated or disturbed. Placing this area in the south-east, the fire quadrant, would cause unhappiness.Auspicious locations for the doctor are the south-west, south, and west. Facing north-east when treating patients enhances concentration. Facing east is also allowed.
The doctor’s chair should not be black, grey or blue. These colours are regarded as depressing and negative in Vasthu and should also be avoided on the floor and in carpets.

The right wall colours can help ensure those seeking treatment wait patiently. Recommended colours are light green, pink and blue as these have cooling and calming effects. Avoid dark yellow and white as they can cause tension. Cheerful and scenic photographs or pictures should be hung on the walls.The examination table should be placed in the north-west corner of the examination room and the patient should be made to lie down with his or her head towards the east and legs towards the west.

Also, avoid having a toilet in the centre, north-east or south-west. A toilet in the north-east spiritual quadrant will cause problems, affect prosperity negatively and hurt her reputation. A toilet in the centre will cause hostility between doctor and patient. And a toilet in the south-west will badly affect prosperity.

Operating theatres should be in the north-east. And the ideal location for the counter at which medicine is dispensed is the south-east.
To create a soothing environment, a water feature can be placed in the north-east. Clinics should avoid keeping fish in an aquarium as it is considered sinful according to Vasthu principles and will hurt the growth of the clinic.

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