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Location and direction for studies

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VASTHU Sastra Location and direction for studies

Location and direction for studies

The study room should be placed in the north –east and children should face east when studying
Ensure that your children are not studying or sitting under a beam
Children’s education is another major concern; a child who performs well in her studies brings happiness to the home.

But some kids do not fare well despite putting in a lot of hard work and effort.

There are also those who feel tired and lose their focus. This can be a result of being in the wrong location and direction . Students who have problems with their studies should head for the north-east sector, and occupy the extreme north-east corner of the room facing east.

The same can be done in the north-east room, which is the first corner of the property to be touched by the rays of the morning sun.

Vasthu Sastra advises children to sleep facing east to enjoy the goodness of the positive energy that flows into the property. This position is said to help students understand their lessons better.

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