Master bedroom

VASTHU Sastra Master bedroom

Master bedroom should be located in the south-west.

Marriage is a divine bond between man and woman; Vasthu Sastra can play an important role in maintaining that bond.

I have seen marriages of even astrologically-compatible couples run into trouble because their houses are not arranged according to Vasthu Sastra principles.

The foremost focus of a happy marriage is the couple’s bedroom.

The south-west corner of the house is the best place for it.

Wife should sleep on the left side of the husband.

Bedrooms in the south-east have ruined many marriages because that is the fire quadrant in Vasthu Sastra, which means a couple that sleeps in the area will constantly have heated arguments and fights.

The master bedroom floor should be at least 2.5 cm(1 inch) higher than all other floors.

If you can’t raise the floor, lay down a thick carpet.

Couples must not sleep under a beam as vibrations from the beam can cause health problems and have a negative impact on their minds.

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